Start-up with exponential growth and troubled Board relationships

CLIENT:  An entrepreneurial wireless title company

ACTION:  Interim COO hired by 2 entrepreneurs/founders to streamline operations, facilitate team building and become liaison to Board members.  

RESULT:   Improved operations, increased profit margins and positioned the company to be sold.

Start-up with receivables overdue 45-120 days

CLIENT:  A 2-year old company with Fortune 100 clients which had trouble collecting invoices.

ACTION:   Refined business processes to reduce billing errors and increase customer satisfaction.  Negotiated new contract terms with large clients to insure prompt payment.

RESULT:     Collected $750,000 in overdue receivables. 

Start-up Needing to win a Large contract to establish industry Credibility

CLIENT:  A software services company trying to land first major client

ACTION:   Worked on behalf of the management team to negotiate with the “Big Box” technical team and procurement department.   Negotiated multi-year contract which established recurring revenue and positioned them to attract other large clients.

RESULT:  Negotiated a recurring six-figure service contract with a top 5 “Big Box” retail vendor.  

A family Owned Technology Start-up seeking Second round investment

CLIENT:  A family start-up in the hosted video surveillance industry

ACTION:  Assigned 2 interim executives to help a family management team prioritize market opportunities and launch a new service.  Helped management and Board of Directors position company to take on next level executives in order to grow the business and attract an investor. 

RESULT:  New investor pledged $1 million and his management team joined the firm.

A start-up needing marketing Assistance

CLIENT: An Internet-based B2B strategic sourcing company

ACTION:  Established a system to continuously measure market size, market dynamics, business opportunities, global trends, major players and their market shares.

RESULT:  Sales team was able to focus and generate $1M in first year.

An early stage Software firm with a buy-out offer  

CLIENT:  A “Software-as-a Service” company needing advice on selling their company

ACTION:  Reviewed corporate paperwork and identified areas of concern that could block a sale.  Performed market research on the potential acquirer to help President and investors prepare for meetings.

RESULT: $10 million offer for the firm

A start-up looking for Angel investment

CLIENT: A start-up distance learning company

ACTION:  Educated founder on pros/cons of taking on an investor.  Assisted founder at potential investor meetings.  Wrote initial business plan.  Sold first client.

RESULT: $250,000 initial investment and $1,000,000 follow-on investment.

An Arts Start-up looking for Branding

CLIENT: A content management and e-Learning company

ACTION:  Identified and executed strategic partnerships and alliances with Fortune 100 organizations at the executive level, establishing cost-effective joint marketing opportunities.  Facilitated contracts with artist’s agents for teaching Arts programming through the Internet.

RESULT:  Contracted 40 internationally renowned Artists and Arts organizations and 5 Fortune technology firms (Lucent, AT&T, EMC, Media on Demand, and KPMG).

Start-up needing to contract a technical team

CLIENT: Privately held broadband video delivery company without technical staff

ACTION:  Sourced technical vendors to design a next generation production facility and identify a state-of-the-art network operations center.

RESULT:  Saved start-up $100,000 in capital expenditures.

A Board of Directors needing progress assessment for next round financing

CLIENT: A start-up research organization with a patent ready to go to production

ACTION: Performed independent business analysis.   Met with founders and potential clients to assist with negotiating production equipment agreement.

RESULT:  $Multi-million contract established with industry giant to produce equipment

A start-up looking for technology platform

CLIENT: A start-up mobile couponing company searching for new foundation technology

ACTION:  Researched new technology platforms and identified 3 potential partners.  Assisted with deal negotiation.

RESULT:  Technology deal completed 

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