Small & Mid-Size Businesses

A $1 million firm with limited business development budget

CLIENT: A $1 million medical billing and practice management services company

ACTION: Team of 2 Innovative Execs hired for 10 hours/week instead of hiring lower level staff.  Provided strategic input for market development and “value-adds” to better serve existing clientele.

RESULT: Company increased customer satisfaction and gained 5 new clients within the first month.

President of a $2 million company looking for Confidential Executive advice

CLIENT: A $2 million service company

ACTION:  Innovative Execs hired to be a confidential “sounding board” for a founding President with stalled  revenue growth. 

RESULT: Coached President on ways to create market demand and capture share. 

Interim General Manager needed to help family-run business grow

CLIENT: A $2 million engineering company

ACTION:  Met with major clients to ensure smaller business was appropriately protected in large business deals.

RESULT:   Mutually beneficial $750,000 deal presented to the firm.

$45 million manufacturing company looking for temporary sales support

CLIENT: A privately held $45 million industrial manufacturer.

ACTION:  Developed and implemented sales training programs to focus business development executives on “solution selling”.

RESULT:  Sales leads increased 80% in one year, annual revenues increased by 25%.

A $60 Million firm needing to reduce dependence on One major client

CLIENT: A $130 million aerospace systems engineering firm

ACTION:  Interim Business Development assignment.  Worked with engineering, manufacturing, and clients to identify commercial uses for military technology.  Developed new revenue sources by expanding to international markets including Automotive, Telecom and Medical.

RESULT: First year sales of $500,000 with no reference sites, follow-on orders for $5 million internationally; and reduced dependence on government sales by 30%.

A $50 million industrial company needing short-term HR Services

CLIENT: A $50 million industrial rubber and plastics manufacturer

ACTION:  Worked with executives to streamline human resources procedures.  Developed HR Handbook which included skill-set assessments, job descriptions, succession plans and corporate policies.   

RESULT:  Increased employee satisfaction by creating tangible polices and signed with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to provide HR outsourcing and medical insurance.

A $15 million company president dealing with changing marketplace

CLIENT: A Learning Solutions Management company in the Pharmaceutical industry

ACTION: Provided Interim COO to develop a new strategic plan and mentored existing management throughout the implementation process.

RESULT: Reversal of losses and return to profitability;  30% reduction in running costs.

$5 million Company needing interim sales executive to grow revenues

CLIENT:  Healthcare and Technology Event Marketing Company

ACTION: Interim VP Sales & Marketing managed focus groups, call center sales efforts, marketing communication activities, created forecasts, interviewed and hired selling team members, and trained staff in selling. Identified and solidified external partnerships in the target industries.

RESULT:  Generated $400,000 new business in the first year with $1.5 million sales in 2 years. 

A $25 million company wanting to add manufacturer’s representatives

CLIENT: A privately held systems engineering firm

ACTION:  Directed successful setup of a manufacturer’s representative organization domestically and internationally.

RESULT:  Reduced sales overhead and dramatically increased sales.

A newly acquired automotive parts manufacturer needing optimization

CLIENT:  A $10 Million automotive parts manufacturer purchased by a Fortune 100

ACTION:  Program managed the development and deployment of a modular testing strategy to avoid overloads in factories while other facilities sat idle.

RESULT: Reduced overhead and recovered $1.2 million through optimization of equipment purchases and repeatable employee training.

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