Fortune 100

major pharmaceutical company seeking independent Executive assessment

CLIENT: Business Performance Assessment for major pharmaceutical company

ACTION:   Interim Executives provided Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of extensive survey data to be presented to CEO and executive committee.  Evaluated internal bottlenecks and negative perception of the organization by external partners.  Also identified key factors inhibiting future licensing agreements.  Assessment highlighted key business factors contributing to poor achievement of corporate licensing goals.    

RESULT:  CEO restructured corporate licensing program.

credit-reporting conglomerate Seeking interim technical expertise

CLIENT: A credit-reporting conglomerate investigating CRM markets

ACTION:  Interim Strategists designed and implemented a data warehouse for a complex business solution.  Also devised a detailed roll-out plan, assessed staff skill sets and implemented supplementary training where required in the new business environment.

RESULT: Created new product suite, increasing CRM reach by 150% and overall revenues by 35% over previous years.

Chemical manufacturer Needing interim strategic plan

CLIENT: A Global Industrial Chemical Manufacturer

ACTION:  Interim Execs developed a five-year strategic market plan with focus on market analysis, segmentation, and market development.  Designed and implemented targeted advertising messages and collateral materials for an established market.

RESULT: Implemented a cost-savings plan of $3M ROI, increased trade show participation efficiency by 25% saving $40 thousand per event.


R&D organization with critical Underachieving department

CLIENT: An internal consulting department within a large R&D organization

ACTION:  Developed an intensive program to quickly assess key performance indicators of under performing business unit.  Prepared an extensive change management and communications strategy to leverage early adopters and gather support of the entire organization.

RESULT: Completely re-engineered an internal consulting organization, turning a $1M loss into a $1M gain within one year.

nationwide call center with poor customer satisfaction

CLIENT:  A nationwide call center for a large financial services organization

ACTION:  Examined the existing process for generating customer output.  Modified processes and developed a “customizable” letter writing system so no two customer letters were the same.  Worked across the enterprise to build common process models, developed technology standards, and prepared fully-customizable letters, generated by Customer Service Reps during the standard client call.

RESULT:   Implemented a state-of-the-art document management system, reducing overall service costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

major telecommunications firm needing distance learning solution

CLIENT:    A telecom firm needing to teach business process management across the company

ACTION:  Developed a complete learning solution, including a combination of video and instructor-led presentations, job-aids, student and instructor guides.

RESULT:   Fully trained work teams in support of major quality initiative.

Equipment manufacturer with dissatisfied business partners

CLIENT:  Equipment manufacturer seeking to offer e-business services to Application Service Providers (ASPs)

ACTION:  Developed an business portal that engaged best-in-class partners to assist ASPs in the delivery of marketing programs for enterprises and consumers. Negotiated “shared risk” agreements with partners.

RESULT:  Decreased the ASP’s time-to-market by 30%.

network / POS equipment vendor with declining sales

CLIENT:  A business services division of a network/POS equipment vendor

ACTION:  Examined existing process flow and supporting systems; identified breakdowns in process and equipment and major sources of customer dissatisfaction.

RESULT:   The client won a $multi-million sales effort.

Communications company Expanding into global markets

CLIENT:  Communications company seeking new revenue streams in global markets

ACTION:  Designed and implemented complex global marketing strategies and launch plans for strategic projects, including identification and development of market requirements, market demand analyses, industry analyst briefing packages, advertising campaign and “launch events.”

RESULT:  Overwhelming market demand, resulting revenue of over $200 million for each solution.

corporate merger requiring interim strategic marketing management

CLIENT: Two communications giants undergoing corporate merger

ACTION: Lead the marketing integration team for corporate merger.  Redefined product and service portfolio, created new communications plan, re-branded offerings and developed key market messages.

RESULT: Captured the #1 position in market share for selected products.

Fortune 100 seeking new business ventures

CLIENT: Computer manufacturer seeking to grow the revenue base through new business ventures

ACTION:   Participated in concept and vision strategy sessions, provided business and market intelligence and identified preliminary product opportunities.

RESULT: Customer launched new service offering in 6 months and realized significant revenue in the 1st year.

Computer company with slow sales closure rate

CLIENT: Computer manufacturer seeking to increase the sales team’s effectiveness

ACTION: Created sales tools to provide “cookbook approach” for industry-specific solutions, such as Sales Force Automation, Order Management Process, and Database Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry.

RESULT: Reduced sales cycle from 6 to 2 months and realized 30% increase in closure rate.

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