Charter school Needing Interim Executive Director

CLIENT:  A charter school with declining enrollment, lean staff and absence of an Executive Director

ACTION:  Working with Board members, created high level strategic plan that addressed: enrollment and market segments; marketing and communications; financial and revenue generation; and organizational infrastructure.

RESULT: Board was able to gain new sponsor and hire an Executive Director.

Major University needing to increase alumni participation and giving

CLIENT:  A major university looking to engage alumni, increase participation and giving

ACTION:   3 person team acted as liaison between University staff and three Alumni Boards of Directors.  Created a “Council on Volunteerism”- a forum to resolve volunteers’ concerns about ideas being ignored and staff’s concerns about upsetting donors that did not understand university limitations.

RESULT:  Improved alumni relations which ultimately increased annual giving.   Also gained new alumni volunteers, both for one-time participation and for longer term involvement on committees and Boards.

Major University with declining Board participation

CLIENT:  A major university’s College of Engineering Alumni Board

ACTION:  Working with College’s Dean and Alumni Relations staff, created strategic plan to increase participation.  Also worked with Dean and Career Services to create opportunities for alumni to support student internships, mentoring, and industry-specific job fairs. Created alumni-focused activities like golf tournaments and networking events.

RESULT: Alumni Board went from 5 members to 30 with a waiting list in 3 years.  Also  significantly increased annual giving.

world-renowned Musician expanding the reach of his teaching thru technology

CLIENT:  World-renowned violinist, violist and conductor

ACTION:  Provided the start-up management team to create a new company to spread the reach of his teaching methods.  Worked with Executive Directors of most US symphonies and many internationally.

RESULT:  Artist is able to teach from anywhere in the world using broadband technology. 

famous church looking to expand reach of sermons and lectures

CLIENT:  Famous NYC church

ACTION:  Provided technical experts to recommend plans for implementing technology to spread the reach of the renowned organization.   Deployed technology in internal theatre to provide proof of concept.

RESULT:  Church generated additional revenues for their programs. 

A conservatory investigating distance learning to facilitate teaching

CLIENT:  A famous conservatory trying to use technology to facilitate teaching while world-renowned musicians were on international tours

ACTION:  Defined technology system and facilities requirements for conservatory administration.  Demonstrated prototype to potential investors. Subsequently ran program until a program manager was hired.

RESULT: Conservatory received $150,000+ donation to fund system and program. Collaborated on fundraiser to raise $1 million for conservatory for this and other programs.

rural US middle schools Using technology to support Arts programming

CLIENT: Rurual schools applied distance learning equipment to support Arts programming

ACTION:  Provided phone and in-person support to develop “grass-roots” program with schools in upstate NY and Minnesota.  Connected private instructors and other Arts institutions to provide music, acting and dance lessons for K-12. Assisted in grant writing to capture funds to support the programs.

RESULT: Facilitated/arranged for both famous and journeyman actors, musicians, museums and dancers to teach classes.

Major Arts organizations seeking opportunities for distance learning

CLIENTS:  Major Arts organizations including worldwide orchestras, ballets,  dance companies, churches and museums

ACTION:  Created professional studios for Arts companies to use to spread teaching via new technologies.  Also defined technology requirements for companies to use on-site.  Worked with Executive Directors to create innovations as they attempt to cope with the complex realities and accelerating pace of change in the current economic community.

RESULT:   Facilitated teaching programs which generated revenues and made better use of union member’s teaching obligations.

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