Business Services Overview

Facing New Challenges?

Competitive Environment Getting Tougher?

Sales Not Achieving Objectives?

Need Business Plan Written or Reviewed?

Looking to Improve Your Overall Business?

In the course of managing change and improving operational performance, your company may need access to top notch talent at affordable rates.

InnovativeExecs’ professionals challenge the status quo to create sustainable improvements within your organization. Our experts help you achieve real gains in profitability and stakeholder value.

InnovativeExecs’ SWAT professionals have both general management and functional expertise to make an immediate impact on your business. We provide:

  • “Rapid response” strategic teams.
  • Interim talent for transitional management needs.
  • Specialists across most industry sectors.
  • Flexible contract options.
  • Business & Strategic Planning

Contact InnovativeExecs for additional information:

  • Business Plan Development or Review
  • Change Management including organizational restructuring
  • Marketing Strategies and Plans
  • Sales Strategies and Plans including distributor management
  • New Product Development and Launch
  • Internet Strategy and website development
  • Hands-on help when you need it
  • On-going mentoring

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