One Day Business Audit

Need an objective view of your business?

Have you defined key activities needed for your company’s success?

Do you have well defined and realistic goals?

Are management, owners and advisors in agreement on the company’s direction?

Companies seldom take the time to look introspectively at their organization. InnovativeExecs’ point of view as business experts “outside looking in” help you maintain focus, qualify opportunities, prioritize efforts in order to grow your company’s customer base and develop a mature company.

A One Day Business Audit is designed to:

  • assess the current business situation
  • align strategy with future goals
  • create a road map to achieve these goals

InnovativeExecs tailors our proprietary questionnaire for your company to cover items such as:

  • management’s goals and shareholder expectations
  • the marketplace and the company’s position within the marketplace
  • the internal structure of the organization

During the course of the Audit, InnovativeExecs:

  • meets with management
  • takes input from key employees, partners, clients
  • performs preliminary industry research

InnovativeExecs then delivers an Audit Report which will include:

  • Overview and High-Level Recommendations – An outline of preliminary findings with specific high-level recommendations for strengthening your organization and better positioning your company for future growth.
  • Next Steps – A business planning worksheet which includes a recommended list of items for management to follow in order to strengthen your company to meet challenges it will face during the next phase of your company’s growth.

InnovativeExecs’ One Day Business Audit will help your company evaluate the current market opportunities and provide a foundation for future recommendations.

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