Business Planning

Launching a New Business?

Need Help Developing a Segment of Your Plan?

Need Your Plan to Attract Key Talent or Investors?

InnovativeExecs helps you validate your business concept, start a business from scratch, or plan for the next phase of your business growth.

We bring entrepreneurial, technical, managerial, creative and organizational expertise to the planning process. Our executives have worked with start-up ventures, pre-IPO stage organizations, and large corporate spin-offs. InnovativeExecs will position your firm to maximize your value.

InnovativeExecs can help you:

  • Create or update your business plan
  • Research and evaluate market potential and competition
  • Supplement your team with cross-industry experts to provide a broad business perspective
  • Staffing plan development – identifying key positions that need to be filled
  • Review financial projections
  • Create documents ranging from a short conceptual framework to an investor-level disclosure document.
  • Creates solutions targeting customer need

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