Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Want the help of a seasoned executive as an hourly resource?

Need an Interim Team of Skilled Professionals?

Need a objective independent View of Your Business?

Whether you are you a new or seasoned entrepreneur, InnovativeExecs’ practical “hands-on” services can help you jump start or expand a new business venture without the high cost of full-time executives.

InnovativeExecs’ on-call executives can help you:

  • answer business questions or help with a specific project
  • make informed decisions when approached on an important subject
  • weigh the pros/cons of taking on an investor
  • evaluate a takeover deal or offer to buy your business
  • decide between organic growth or an investment
  • launch a new venture

InnovativeExecs’ experts include CEOs who started firms and management experts that joined start-ups and spun off new endeavors.

We can help you validate a concept for a new company, or provide a critical examination of a business you are acquiring or expanding. InnovativeExecs’ start-up services cover three primary areas:


  • review business concept
  • get a comprehensive, objective high-level view of a business
  • preliminary market research to validate the business or concept
  • evaluating market potential
  • assessment of business operational efficiency
  • business plan review and analysis
  • evaluate financials
  • evaluate strength of corporate documentation and/or contracts
  • evaluating the business side of a takeover deal


  • vision and strategy plan
  • market analysis
  • product and service definition
  • sales and marketing strategy
  • business and financial modeling
  • operational, organizational and management planning
  • growth plans – organic vs. investment
  • develop your idea and establish credibility
  • strategic partnerships and alliances


  • takeover leadership roles on an interim basis or serve as part of a team
  • become a liaison between entrepreneurial management and their Board
  • perform any of the functions needed to deploy recommendations

Whether you just need some experienced advice, or whether you need the hands-on support, InnovativeExecs helps the start-up executive get to the next level.

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