Investors & Directors

Do you need Due diligence support on a prospective investment?

Could you use experienced executive support to evaluate the business strength of a company?

Are you considering an exit strategy for one of your investment companies?

Investors and advisors experience challenges with all facets of an investment life cycle – evaluating a business, maximizing a company’s value, and positioning for a successful exit.

InnovativeExecs has seasoned executives that are cross-industry experts, specialists, and generalists with experience in start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 100 companies.

We differ from other companies because we work side-by-side with you and the organization’s management team.  We clearly explain every step of the way so your team can learn on-the-job.

Our experts can hit the ground running to help you at any stage:

  • objectively assess current management’s ability to guide a company to the next level
  • temporary staffing support while expanding or downsizing
  • summarize the critical success factors, opportunities and risks facing a company
  • objective analysis of a company’s agents, vendors, suppliers, and contracts
  • research and evaluate merger and acquisition partners
  • analyze a company’s competitive market position
  • recommend strategic initiatives that could enhance and maximize value
  • write proposals, negotiate contracts, or review deals
  • improve sales, operations, or customer satisfaction
  • become a liaison between a Board and a less experienced management team

Regardless of your company’s size or market, InnovativeExecs has the expertise to provide the services that you need. We can provide short- or long-term executive support to protect and grow your investment.

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